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Default CPA empire

Can anyone explain to me why it is so difficult to get registered with CPAEmpire?

I have tried twice now - no reason was given - no opportunity to speak with a rep and I read of others in the forum who had the same knockbacks.

Is it the issue of a personal website and references from other marketers in their system ?

Does ppv coach have any clout to help members get the registration?

I believe this particular affiliate network is a valuable supplier of quality ads - so I would like to get into their fold.

Regards Lennie Greenhall
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Hi Lennie,

The best way to get approved with the affiliate networks is to call them and speak confidently about what you do. Let them know that you are an experienced ppc marketer and that you have a budget of several thousand dollars that you'd like to test some offers with. List their competitors that you are already a member of. Tell them you also do some contextual traffic and were interested in split testing some of their offers.

They'll hook you up. Talk to me on Tues if you can't get it worked out monday and I'll talk to some folks there and see if we can get you going.

If you build it, they will come.

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Most networks don't even know this site exists...

I'd just call them though, they're pretty good with being quick I found in the past.

What reason are they giving you?
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