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Default Conversion ratios

Folks, on average, do you find that conversion ratios are about the same for everything, or are they very different depending on the niches and so on?

Is 1% or 1/100 the norm for CPA offers? What about CPS?

When you find winners, are they like hotcakes and do they tend to break the 1% barrier?

$0.01 X 100 = $1.00 per conversion.

This is what mystifies me. I see some really high bids.

For example, $0.13 X 100 = $13.00

This could mean several things:

1) The conversion ratio must be really high or the payout is really high.
2) A newbie is throwing money away.

Thank you for your answers!
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Depending on the offer, I'm averaging 1/200 to 1/500.

Hope this helps.

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