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Default Contextual links

When promoting offers is it the contextual link we need?

When telling your am about the traffic source is it wise to tell them exactly how this will be done?
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Yep, its the contextual link you need.

I did a couple of CPA networks which PPV networks I was using but in an email to check whether they accepted it, I was vague and said something like:

I'm currently looking at Adware traffic that is 100% optin and has etrust certification. I just wanted to check whether your network accepts Adware or contextual traffic? If you can let me know that would be great.

Most were happy enough with that, one or two wanted more info.

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Always use the contextual link and ALWAYS ask to double check that they will take the traffic. Otherwise you could get banned. I just say "Do you take contextual traffic?". The more experienced AMs know what it is and will just say yes or no. The newer AMs may ask you to specify what exactly you mean.
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