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Default Checkout or payment page?

Hey Coach,

I haven't started any campaigns yet, but I'm looking into bidding on order pages for physical products after I get Month 1 rolling. Here's the buying process for one of the items I'm looking at:

Sales page (page 1) -> Page that you get to by clicking on the Buy button (page 2) -> Following page where you enter your payment info (page 3).

Which do you think would be better to target? Page 2 or page 3? I'll be testing both but wanted to get your opinion.

P.S. Hi everybody!
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This is the gray area of contextual advertising.

The best one to bid on is the page where the info is taken. This is what others have used very successfully in the past.
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Thanks Coach for all the advice here and in getting me thinking along the lines of PPV.

This week, I went online to reserve a hotel room for my anniversary, and at the information reservation form window, a CasaleMedia window popped up.

Before PPV, I would have ignored the pop up window and closed it.

When this window popped, an "ah ha!" hit me and I realized these guys are targeting the hotel reservation form with a counter offer right at the time I'm about to buy (BTW, it was on Travelocity).

I considered the new offer this time and if they had the hotel I was looking for, I might have bit on it.

It seems the rule of this game may be to find URLs that people go to right at (or right before) the moment they're ready to buy.

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So true.

It's marketing 101 really. The best time to hit someone with an offer is when they're about to go for another offer. Is it a legit way to do it? Yes and no. It could be you're helping the person by giving them a better option to consider. The thing is it takes place a million times per day or more.

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