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Default Cant get my head around tracking - pls help

Hi Guys new to this so be kind

So i've set up a campaign in Maxbounty with traffic from Lead Impact direct linking to a email submit

So i have 4 conversions but cant tell what kws or url's are converting

I know i need to invest in prosper or cpvlab at some stage but need to understand basics.


MB gives me an option to add subid which as i understand will append a value in the s1 field at the end of the tracking url - i then need to add that url to LI .

The problem is i have tried &s1=keyword , &s1={keyword} but when i look at MB reports(where i'm expecting to see keywords the report shows subid not set)

Again apologies as its probably a stupid question - but we all have to start somewhere -right !
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You need tracking..... there is no way around it.

and its not that hard to setup.... it takes maybe half an hour...
from start to finish..
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You 100% need proper tracking setup,Specially with CPV. You should go for the free option of prosper/tracking202. You can track everything you need to and it works a treat for me. This is a self hosted option so you will need a server/hosting account to place all the files. It's very similar to installing wordpress(if you have ever done that). I would recommend at least a VPS as I found shared hosting to be too slow for CPV marketing and when your traffic has to go through a few links or php redirects it can be too slow and the user just closes the page. Just my 2 cents!!
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Xheck out my post about tracking...may give ideas:
Tracking with simple code
more question->ask
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