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Default Campaign Longevity

Hello Everyone!

I've been trying to catch up to speed and there's one thing that I would like to ask.

It seems CPV campaigns sort of don't last long (the converting traffic don't convert after awhile), at least from everything I've read. Is this still the case or is that more of campaign per campaign basis? And if they don't last long, what's the average duration?


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There definitely does seem to be offer fatigue with PPV. However, you can switch offers and then come back and run it again a few months later and it works again. I've just done that with a dating offer and its worked out well.

I have also had times though where keywords/urls convert consistently and then stop converting so its not just the offers that seem to stop working.

But it doesn't happen across all offers and all keywords/urls - from my experience it is something to be aware of but there isn't like a golden rule of not running offers longer than 2 months or anything like that.

- Jill
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I've had some going gangbusters for months at a time. Some are far shorter. Just make hay while the sun shines.

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Thanks for the excellent answers.

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