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Default Campaign Creative - Whats it Used for?

What do you guys use campaign creative for? Do you make different creatives for the same campaign? Why?

I set up my first cpv campaign and I just used the campaign name as the creative name.

I put the tracker link like a.php?campaign=trafficvance+somesheit&adgroup=%%KE YWORD%%&keyword=%%KEYWORD%%&match_type=broad&sourc e=trafficvance&network=contextual&z=0&b=29

I stuck a bunch of domains/keywords related to somesheit in that one campaign. I'm planning to upload click cost reports and conversion date so I can sort by adgroup or keyword which domains/keywords are profitable in tracker reports.
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Usually I just start off with one creative. Then when I've found some converting kws I may set up a new tracking campaign and therefore a new creative just for them so I can watch them more closely. Sometimes I'll also set up a new creative if I add a heap of new keywords so again I can focus just on them and keep the original campaign and creative separate.

In TV you can have the same kw across several campaigns if you want to really 'own' that keyword. This sometimes works to increase your conversions but not always, probalby because you can over-saturate the market with your offer. As per usual you just need to test and see if it works or not.

- Jill
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