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Default Buy Email Marketing Email Sets

So I find that building the email list isn't too hard. It's the writing of emails that is a pain the ass. Does anyone know if you can purchase a group of emails for a specific niche? You could go in and change affiliate links where necessary, etc.

This might be a stupid thing to ask, but why not throw it out there...anyone?
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I bought a set of autoresponders last year for a range of Clickbank products. It was a one off deal thing. Haven't done anything with them yet but I was thinking of doing the same thing.

They are well written and all you have to do is drop in your aff id or I guess change to a different offer. Some are pretty specific so that would be the only potential problem.
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Here's one that I know of that appears to be for a number of different niches:

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You could probalby outsource this pretty easy on elance? Never tried it myself, but I'm sure it would be easy to order a bunch of emails...
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