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Default Building your own email submit - Silver-Path

Hey Guys,

Hey Guys, I'm one of the senior affiliate managers at both Mundo Media (cpa network) and Silver-Path (coreg network). Through our 2 networks, we give our affiliate's a lot of different ways to monetize their ppv traffic.

A great way is through our WEB and WAP coreg paths, where we help you create your own email submit offer and back it into our path. Some of the benefits of running your own email submit offer is that the user can sign up for multiple offers in the path which is split on a 80/20 rev share for the affiliate. You also get to keep the data you collect (email/mobile/address fields) and either build a list or sell the data later on. Integrating your lander to our path is very simple and we can help walk you through the entire process. I've included a short list of what the offer flow would look like:

1. Lander (Survey or Prize Giveaway)
2. Info Gather Page (email/mobile/name fields)
3. Coreg Path
4. Exit URL

Most of our guys are running through US ppv traffic. Don't feel intimidated by coreg if you don't understand how it works. I've helped a lot of guys learn and monetize their traffic through this vertical, so PM me on how to get started.

Cheers Everyone!

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