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Default Building Landing Pages for CPV campaigns


I heard that some people build landing pages for their CPV campaigns to make them profitable or more profitable then it was before using simple direct linking.
I'd like to know what kind of landing pages work well for CPV.


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I'd like to know what kind of landing pages work well for CPV.
I find that some landing pages that work well for PPC can also work well for CPV. Some can even serve as "inspiration" for your CPV landing pages.

The key is to test and find out what converts the best when it comes to the eventual sale. Whether that is a landing page vs. direct to merchant, and also split testing various landing pages.

It usually seems like the landing pages that convert the best are either very ugly or just so simple that when looking at them, you'd never think they'd convert.

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You can always rotate landing pages to find out which type works fast. You can use review style, presell style, squeeze pages and more.
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