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Default Bidding on domain $.02 vs page $.01, who wins?

When someone is bidding on domain.com at $.02 and someone else is bidding on domain.com/page.html at $.01 who wins? I would guess the higher bidder, but the network shows keyword domain.com/page.html $.01 as bidder #1...So is there anyway to easily detect if your not really #1? add every domain.com/page keyword with the root domain next to it just to check?
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Of course the highest bid wins, but I think it's still possible to get some impressions even if you're not highest bidder, although I don't know the ratio they use for this. I just know I'm not always highest bidder yet still get some impressions.
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I think each network treats that differently. It's best to ask that question to your account manager. Let us know what they say.
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