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Default automatic deposit?

i'm signing up with lead impact and have been presented with 2 credit card funding options, automatic deposit and manual deposit, which should i go for?
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Either will work.

Automatic gives you a 2% discount, but they will renew it automatically at the refill point you specify.

Manual gives you complete control of when you put funds in.

Keep in mind that you're already trusting them to give you an honest impression count.

So just a judgment call.

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I really prefer the manual with lead impact since they burn through my money so fast, and sometimes it's because I haven't kept a close enough watch on a campaign. When I get that notification of low funds, I make myself look over the camps quickly to see if anything is looking funky.
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I like manual too, just in case I forget about a campaign and don't notice the notification emails. (Happens...)
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