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Default Anyone tried Image/Flash Ad Pop-ups...

Anyone tried popping up images or flash creative or anything else besides just a landing page?

There are a lot of great offers out there, seems like more and more everyday, with exit pops, or video, or talking sales people, sound etc on the landing pages.

I've even launched a couple campaigns that had static landing pages and by the time the networks looked at them to approve them they had added exit pops and crap everywhere. Rejected campaigns suck.

I've asked my AMs to disable them and most of the time they haven't been able to so far. On a few campaigns I've been able to get a static LP and then add other offers to my rotation after the campaign is approved. But there are plenty things I want to try with no static LPs on any networks...
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YOu can't really have anything that auto plays a video or has sounds on it as surfers find that stuff very annoying.

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