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Default AM's and DLS, Contextual,Text links

i'm a member of the networks coach has initially suggested for this type of traffic. i'm very familiar with the way they work and what link options are available. for example copeac has a contextual link option..if the option is there, is it really necessary to ask my AM if i can run the offer each time? the second part of my question is with networks i'm less familiar with. if they ask what i mean by contextual, what do i say? what if they ask the specific traffic source?


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they know exactly what contextual is and what you're doing. some of my am's have even suggested particular offers to run.

email them though and just ask them if you need to sign an addendum for contextual traffic.
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Typically you're good to go when they have the link already there. BUT to be safe check with them at first to make sure that means you can use it. Sometimes getting something in email form is good if they ever decide they want to screw you over later. (Not saying they will...)
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