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Red face adding to rotation

I have set up a campaign in media Traffic and now have added another offer to the rotation.

What do I change in my Media T edit to include this new offer ?

Regards Lennie G
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Hi Lennie:

No need to add anything to MT. That's the beauty of the tracker. Your MT link simply points to your rotation number ( i.e. b=3 or whatever ). Now whenever you make a change the the rotation adding an offer or deleting one, the MT link stills points to wahtever is in that rotation.

hope that helps

take care

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Be careful with this! I lost a little money this way. Always test ALL the links in your new rotation package before launching.

For some reason I have to completely delete the rotation package number and then recreate it for all the new offers to show up. Otherwise the old ones pop up, but the new ones show 404 pages.

I don't have to change my link, I can still leave it at, for example, B=1. But for all the new offers to show I need to delete package 1 from my tracker, then recreate it with the new rotation of offers.
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Test it and if there's something funky, delete then readd the whole rotation.
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