CPVLab Discount: Save $50!
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Default 7Search Deal - Spent $50, get $100 worth of credits

I know it's not really cpv, but it's still a good deal..

7Search Weblog : 'Tis the Season to Advertise! Announcing 7Search's Holiday Promo for New and Existing Advertisers

If you fund your account with 7search with $50, they will give you an additional $50 (you get $100 for $50)
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Yeah, promote with them, out of 100 clicks got 3,4 conversion and then you'll get blacklisted from promoting the offers because the lead quality is junk :-/
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I'm new here but I do know PPC enough to give you a two cent bit of advice.

7Search is a strange thing. There are some hot spots there but there also a lot of cold spots. What I've found over the last eight months from the time I opened an account to now this is this:

95% of the time, it's junk traffic & 5% its great. You have to plow through the sludge. Some things work well there but it's usually things in a niche, as a hole.

You might find that "guitar lessons" keywords don't fly there but "dog beds" keyword groups do.

You just have to play with it, expect 95% nothing 5% Good.

That's how it's been for me.

Hope that helps.
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