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Default The 4th


Please post any info you have on yours.

If you saw my success thread then you know I've been doing ok. Spent about $30 a day recently and making $50 profit a few days.

I know the 4th would be slow but I literally didn't even spend $0.30 today.

REALLY? This is all on DirectCPV and I didn't spend a dime. How the F?
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Some of my PPC stuff is doing OK today but my traffic is way down across the board along with conversions on most campaigns.

I don't run with DirectCPV yet so I'm not familiar with their users. It seems my campaigns targeting people 18-24 have been hit hard today with very little traffic.

I'm going to chill out and have a beer or two like everyone else!

Go spend your other $27.70 at your favorite bar and look forward to Tuesday!
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