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Default 1 month with PPV

So.. I've been trying my hand at PPV for the past month and the results have been pretty disappointing.

I've tried creating landing pages, targeting both keywords and URLs, trying a bunch of different offers in different verticals, testing loads of campaigns, but I just haven't had that breakthrough.

I've read that when testing you start out with direct linking? And then create landing pages once you've determined that the offer is profitable?

But for some reason none of the campaigns I've tested have really been profitable. Sometimes the conversions come in within a few hours and then just dies down.... (I'm using LeadImpact btw)

What am I doing wrong? I know that it is possible to succeed with PPV and I'm determined to do that, so I would really appreciate any advice at all.

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Can you post some details about one campaign? It's hard to say in general as it can be many things. Give us some details about the landing page, the offer, the keywords, how much you have spent per keyword, etc.

We're here to help!
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It's normal that you found it difficult at first, but you have to keep testing and you will find a winner sooner or later. Try to test as many different campaigns as you can and you will quickly gain enough experience to create more and more profitable campaigns.

Just don't give up until you make it.
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