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Default [Free] Affiliate CashFlow Manager - Made by Affiliate for Affiliate

Hey everyone

Some time ago we decided to create a software for our own use that manages our cashflow.
This is alternative to a standard excel. Just simple way to manage where your cash comes from and where it goes.

In order to make it work we have created versions for EU,US and custom for rest of the world.

What functionality does it include?

Project Management

Here, you are able to add how much you spend and how much you make per project. You are able to add it
every day which will sum it up. You can create as many projects as you want. We are not limiting you

In addition to your profit on project you are able to add custom notes for each day.
This serves a purpose to remember if there was somekind of a event like moving to new hosting,huge split test etc.

Constant manager

Second feature in our software is about your constant payments. Depending on your needs you are able to add payments which occure every month and are assigned to a project of yours for instance:

-Cost for an office,hostings,services

-Cost of your team and date that you have to pay them out

Everything is easily summed up below in a quick table.


-Thanks to all data that you insert, you are able to see how your cashflow will look like in a period of week/month
we take into account all your incomes and outcomes depending on data you insert into our software.
This way you are able to plan ahead your expenses or new campaigns that you want to test out.


-Easy to read and create list of all your invoices; you can attach them to a project and this way you will be
able to manage your expenses and react accordingly to goal you have. (screenshot soon)


- While Summing everything that you have inserted this way you can see how your month was performing

Software is really easy to use once you configure it using our quick setup.

Software is in the last phase of alpha testing and was used for a long time internally.
CashFlow Manager will be a free software which means that we won't charge you anything for using it

If you are interested in beta testing it, click the link below to sign up for a free beta.

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