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Default My Fan Club Journal

Ok so I decided to make a simple journal about my fan clubs as I make them including the results, conversions, traffic, cluck-thru rates, etc.

I've showed Lucas one of my fan clubs so far so he know the template that I'm using and so far, it's the only one I'm using in regards to the number of fields they fill out (just 1, the email). Campaigns are set to show 1 per week. I was gonna do 1 per month, but I think 1 week is fine.

I finished creating 2 fan clubs today. 1 for a sports team and another for a tv show. I built the landing pages how Lucas described: with every color serving a purpose. Don't just copy his images, you need to make your landers look as legit as possible by basically copying the same colors as the main site you're popping over.

I'm also using aweber to collect their emails and then pre-pop. My fan club goes straight to the transition page (which I again use similar colors and sponsor images like amazon.com and whatever) and then to the offer with the email carried over. The goal is to have them submit their email in the form before having a chance to check their email and confirm my fan club membership.

Tomorrow they'll be approved and I'll give an update on the traffic along with the new fan clubs that I build. I'll try to get at least 2 launched per day. They take some time to make the graphics and all that.

Instead of replying to this thread and making it super long, PM me instead with any questions or what not and I'll answer them here.

I think by keeping this thread less cluttered, it will benefit everyone else.

However, I would like Lucas to offer suggestions and whatever else in this thread. So basically it'll be a drawn out journal of me building and Lucas offering his advice. This will benefit everyone I believe.


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cool, remember, if you're not getting the subs, there are little changes you can make to your landing pages. bullet points work well i find instead of that standard "prize" graphic i use for some fan clubs. all depends really. if you're cranking these out you're sure to find some winners bud! good luck. everything is working well with that pre-pop right? did you test the submit to see if it converts? sean may have some insight on that offer if you want to post it.

- lucas
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northwester49 (05-12-2012)
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I'm still building fan clubs but I am pausing all of my campaigns right now. I'm canceling my media traffic account as I honestly just don't have any confidence in that network seeing how I haven't had 1 click on any of my 15+ non fan club LPs in the last 2 weeks with spending over $50. Multiple people have told me lately that MT is crap. So now I can scratch both MT and AdOn off. Pathetic networks. On to the next!

I know some people have had good experiences with those networks, but those people have all said they ran them in the past. So yes, I believe they were great at one time...

I am going to be opening up an account at Lead Impact as I have heard nothing but good things about it lately. So, I hope to have this all set up tomorrow.

Until then, I'm still building fan clubs. I built another one today on a TV show and I know I'll get at least 1 more finished by tonight.

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