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Default Ziinga Just Released Their CPL 1st Page Submit

Not sure if this is the right spot to post this so if it isn't please move it to the correct location but for your Penny Auction publishers this is a HOT offer that is going to make some people some serious cash.

Ziinga has traditionally had a CPS Penny Auction offer but about a week ago they released their CPL version and it's hot and it pays out very good. It's a 1st Page Submit that only requires 3 form fields to convert - and on top of that it's SOI meaning there is no email verification required. It even gets better because the offer is uncapped so you can run as much traffic to the offer and you can push! It's available is a multitude of locations and payouts range from $2.85 to $1.85 street and if you can push volume we definitely have room to bump you.

There are very few networks out there that have this offer and the advertiser has deep pockets and a big budget so hop on it while it's fresh and make your money. It's like every other hot offer in the industry - hit it hard while it's around and cash in. Don't spend time thinking about it because the longer you think about it the more time you are wasting leaving money on the table.

If you are already an affiliate with EnvyusMedia then you can get these dropped in your account immediately and if you are not an affiliate signup and include in the notes you heard about the offer on CPVDen from Brian - I own the network. My Account Registration Manager will get your application expedited.

To see more information check out the offers here:
EnvyusMedia.com // Offers // Publisher Affiliate Network and CPA Network

Just to give you a quick rundown of Envyus, we run on CAKE tracking platform, are 90% direct to advertiser, very aggressive with advertisers on payouts so we can offer you the highest payout int he industry. Not to sound too cocky but we have our stuff together and our team is extremely knowledgeable. We have a very far reach with every top tier network in the industry and if we don't have an offer you are looking for we have a dedicated team that will find the offer, secure it, and get you paid top dollar for it.

Enough of me rambling about the new Ziinga CPL offer... Hop on the offer, push the traffic, and line your pockets with wads of cash while the offer is hot. Remember, it's uncapped so run as much traffic as your heart desires and at the street payout your ROI should be astronomical!

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Default Envyus Media - Ziinga Offer and Direct Linking

Hi BigBrian,

Thanks for a great post! It seems that the Xmas season is the perfect time to be promoting offers like Ziinga! I'm giving it ALL of my attention!!!

I'm a newbie to promoting CPA offers using PPV. I started my Ziinga campaign, but I need to start testing and tweaking it. I feel stuck, but I know I can break through this paralysis with a little help from my CPVDen friends.

I wrote down the issues that I see, and would greatly appreciate any feedback anyone can provide. Surely this can help others, as well:

Is it possible to get great results by direct-linking to the Ziinga offer?

Or, is it more effective to use landing pages to the Ziinga offer?

Which Ad Networks do you recommend? Is Adperium and AdOn networks good?

Any suggestions for choosing targeted-urls for traffic source? Keywords too?

Do we want to target urls of Ziinga's competition, or product-related keywords? What is the mindset for selecting urls & keywords for traffic?

Do you check your target-urls in Quantcast, affinity, volume of traffic, etc? What qualities do you look for in your urls & keywords? Use AffExpert? Other?

Assuming a $20 budget, and, target urls and keywords are optimum: -

- how many urls and keywords do you start with in your campaign?
- how many impressions should you allow before adjusting your campaign?
- is 600 impressions a day a decent number or should it be much higher?
- should you run campaign 24 hrs/day, including weekends, or not?
- what would you change if you are not getting a conversion(s)?
- how do you choose which urls or keywords to delete and replace?

Finally, at what point do you abort the campaign? It would be a shame, though, to quit when you were actually at the point of starting to convert!

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