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Default What Does a Guy Hafta Do to Get a Popup

Yeah so...

I'm trying to install some adware so I can spy on Direct CPV and first I try Gamebound and I get this:

So I do some Googling and find the installer on a download site, then I get this:

I tell Microsoft to suck it and continue.

So it seems to install okay but nothing ever happens so I give that up and go for their FLVTube app. I download it and start installing it and get this:

Undaunted, I tell Microsoft to STFU and press on. Then I get this:

Yeah ok. Fine. So now, feeling like I've accomplished something, I launch Firefox and get this:

Now Firefox won't start AT ALL anymore. Thanks Loudmo/Direct CPV/ whatever you call yourselves.

Unable to get Adware installed when I WANT TO - I give up.


What about civilians wanting to install this crap? I suspect they'd give up sooner than me.
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