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Default Targetting Specific WebPages

Hi all,

Using DirectCPV at the minute, seeing some progress, they were approving my campaigns almost instantly until recently, I was on a roll testing campaigns, now I haven't got one approved in about 5 days?

Anyway, how do I target a specific page within a domain, I got this from their website:

For Precision Match targeting, please enter the EXACT URL of the page you would like to target. example "domain.com/page1.html". If you want to to target any page on a Domain, enter "domain.com".

Just to clarify, if I type the root domain it will target 'all' pages within that domain? If I want to target specific pages, do I need to wrap the URL in quotes? If I wanted to target the root domain and not any other pages, how would I do so?


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domain.com/index.php or index.html or whatever their index page is named...that'll do it.
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