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Did it ever occur to you that perhaps that bidding was not done by actual people but system bots? Don't get me wrong I love ppv . . but i can tell you right now. . I've seen (and i can't say this about traffic vance I don't use them) companies give me bullshit bids. I've put in bids on websites that I know nobody is searching. . and then magically see the bid raised a few days later. Its a farce for certain. I never put anything past companies who use shady ad ware tactics to sell content. They don't mind screwing the consumer. . just as much as they don't mind screwing the marketer.

Now i can't prove it . . but i'm fairly certain to be sure. Anyone else have experience on this as well?
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Old 01-11-2011, 04:31 PM
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There's definitely some of that.

There's just no way for us to know what happens on the other side of that veil.

So there has to be a little bit of trust on our part, but keep skepticism handy too.

I figure if they price it too high - I get out and watch and see if they want my business (actually my money) later on.

I don't like minimum bids, like one traffic network has.

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Old 03-24-2011, 08:06 PM
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I don't trust the networks at all..

one time I made a nonexisting target...


guess what.... i got hits to it(nevermind the freakin site does not exist).... and apparently someone bid higher than me for it
I was second highest bidder...GTFO

complete bullshit.....

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The same thing happened to me! But now I've paused the campaign for a short time and then i'll resume it again ! That's kinda smart thinking! lol!!
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What network(s) did this happen on?
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Not sure which ppv network you are referring to.
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Good history Aaron, I learned with your experience, thanks!!

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Just FYI something that I do on PPC and will do as well on CPV when I start running campaigns for my own sites...

For example, I run an offer for my own site, I can afford to spend up to $20 per lead to make it back out, but all payouts in this niche for affiliates are around $5-10 so what I do is put my max bid all the way up to hit that $20 per lead and any affiliate who trys to come near my keywords or urls or whatever are going to see its not profitable fast....

I am sure other site owners and companies are able to do this AND do this, so if you are battling someone, it could be a company itself that has the margins in its favor to do this, and you can't compete using the affiliate model!

Just something I thought I would share... and this is why you do not want to show the programs what your bids are on ever!
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