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Default Bidding. I think I get it......

Wow, it amazes me that to see the HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE gaps between position #1 and #2/#3 for some url's. In some of my campaigns I got #2 and #3 position for $.01, and the #1 position was 5x-10x higher! Why don't these people lower their bids? No thank you to high #1 bids. I'll gladly take #2 or #3 for way less........
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What I've found is that you may bid higher because the top spot is higher still and you want to get some traffic. And then the top bidder drops out and you're left up there.

The other thing is that when you have the number 1 spot you don't know what the next nearest bid is unless you drop all your bids down to the minimum.

But yeah, I agree with you. Often #2 or #3 spot can be more profitabe than going all out to get the top spot. You'd think more traffic would equal more conversions but it doesn't always work that way.
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Sometimes if you are ranked #1 by bidding .02 cpv, you'll get lots of traffic, but if you bid higher on that same target, you'll get even more daily traffic.

It's not always the case, but I have seen it happen.

I believe it is the traffic source throwing more visitors your way if they see the higher bid price -- something in their algorithm. Since the cpv network shows a limited amount of views daily per visitor, I think they weigh the bid costs and give the higher bids preference -- in some cases.

With that said, I don't try to get extra high bids. If I can sit at #1 and just barely over #2 ranked bidder, I'm good to go. But I too find that being ranked 2 or 3 is good when the ROI says that's where I need to be.

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Yes, and it can be a daily chore to try and find the #2 spot when the gap is big, but in my opinion it is worth the time. I check my bids daily on the campaigns that I am spending any significant money on.
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mtmjohn (08-05-2011)
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I rarely bid to #1 nowadays. I don't have as much time to constantly monitor my campaigns as I did when I was just an affiliate.

I'm happy to sit in 2nd or 3rd place and not get into a massive bidding war with the first place bidder.
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On some really high traffic targets you can bid in 10th spot and get a truckload of traffic.

It's figuring out which offer works that is the hard part.
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It's all about the balance, if the site you're bidding on has a truck load of traffic it's highly likely that it'll burn out their daily budget pretty quickly so it's often much better to bid on 2nd or 3rd or even lower on these type of keywords and domains
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Default Bidding I think I get it

Honestly some sites I dont see the advantage of getting in at the beginning and bidding up as a honest bidder. All it means is Im going to buy the product at full price. Tonight I watched and lurked on an olympus stylus tough camera on quibids. It was insane, 25.88 for the camera was the final amount. The cameras value was around 180, I watched 3 distinct groups of people come and go, and 4 people by my count bid so many times to end up getting the camera at a 0 BIN price. And I swear I saw one bot, by my count she had at least 8-900 bids in on this camera right off the start. That equals at minimum of 480 in bids on a camera that has a BIN feature... Unless this person had some serious freebie bids she spent a fortune, or was a bot. Right now my strategy is to log as much info as I can before I start some serious bidding. And I think the jumping strategy would work best on a big site like quibids, because quite honestly I can find the products they sell much cheaper than their BIN price, so if I want to pay a BIN price I will buy it at an online retailer. If I think I can jump in and get it cheaper I will.

As far as jumping as a strategy its a fairly easy math problem. No different than poker. You dont bet on every hand, you pick and chose your battles. I chose to only enter into a battle I have good odds of winning. The other night on another major site bidding got way out of hand, a 100 gift card went for almost 75... Wheres the savings in that? Add up all the bids you spent and time wasted for a 25 savings? Not to mention it makes me sick to know that 75= 7500 bids .60 a bid= 4400 profit on a 100 gift card..... Im nauseated.....
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