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Default AdOn traffic

Originally Posted by oskarcool View Post
I love talking to myself it's awesome. So I will continue doing it. AdOn network is crap. All of the refered URLs showing up in prosper are parked sites like 4mountainbike.com, corporationinformation.com, http://dp.000.in/(lol?), yachtclubs.ca, http://daybreak.com/, http://4musicvideo.com/, colorblindjames.com, watervillesentinal.com, and on and on. Yes, all of these sites are popping my ad for some reason. The keyword shows my url, but prosper is saying these sites referred my ad. It's no wonder that my CTR's have been abysmal with all this clickfraud or whatever the fuck it is.

I dunno I guess it's just hard to keep going when you're having such a bad experience with a network.

Sorry that you had an experience like this. AdOn does have some good KW traffic via the Traffic for Affiliates tag. Have you tested this yet?

They have many traffic source that do not have much conversion value are used by clients to increase alexa/comscore rankings. It sounds like you got that traffic by the look of the referring URLS you posted.

Let me know if I can help get things back on track for you.
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Traffic for Affiliates tag

Where do I find this?

Otherwise, I've created my first Adon campaign with about 100 url/kws and I'm getting (essentially) zero impressions.
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Default No Clicks

If you are struggling to get clicks threw on your landers, then I would suggest that you add audio to them along with Dynamic keywords or maybe a count down timer.
This always helps me to increase my click threw rate ..

Set yourself up some rules and start to test properly with blank thoughts and let the data speak. (I say this because of what you said about your am!)

There is a disconnect somewhere if they are not clicking on your lander and its your job to find it..

Try changing the lander also try direct linking ..

You can not get any conversions if they do not get to the offer.

Best of luck
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