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Default I'm Still Alive

So I haven't posted anything here for awhile, but I am still running CPV campaigns. I just haven't done anything much with them.

The only network I've been running on is AdOn network for the time being. Eh, I make about $2-4 per day using them running a few email submits. Nothing major, but yea.

I'm also cookie stuffing and making money doing that too. ROI is insane with that method but traffic is low so not that many sales.

Anyone else here using AdOn network right now? What are your experiences so far?
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Welcome back bud. As for AdOn, I don't use them much anymore. It just seems that the traffic has dwindled there, although I read there is more international traffic. I haven't tested that out yet though and plan to very soon.
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I could never get anything going on Adon.

It's always been TV for me - and some LI as well.
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I use TV about 90% now.
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