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Default Adon viewable size?

What is the actual viewable size of the ad as seen in the pop-under created by Adon?

According to Adon's media kit, they say 800x600 full page pop-under:
(but I guess that's the full window, not the viewable area?)

When I preview it using the "target" link within Adon's site, it produces a popup with a viewing area of about 700x635

And according to the preview-popper here, it's 700x700 (looking at the js code on the page src)
CPVDen Tools - Preview Popper

And according to the chart in this thread (4th post) it's 775x400
Networks and their traffic? Need more info

Which is it?

(So far I've made mine 750x550)
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We made our popup previewer 700x700 because that is the size that it pops up when you preview a campaign from withing AdOn. However, with them, I am really not sure. We are just going by what they are providing us within their interface.
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