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there is nothing wrong with burning a list at all and that's one of the many strategies i try and teach. there are tons of strats, but i've made really good cash with the intention building a 10k responsive list in 15 days and burning the shit out of it with rebills. we're not talking about freaking wso leads here, we're talking cpv carry on bud is what i say and let us know how it pans out. all depends on how YOU want to engage with that list, but you don't have to baby a list at all, that's just all most people know how to do (that's all they read) honestly most people who talk email have never even gotten beyond their $1 aweber trial that's why i succeed with email cause i NEVER listen to anyone unless i REALLY know otherwise. i'm not talking about anyone in this thread, but this is the kinda stuff you read everywhere and i'm trying to show you how easy email and uncomplicated email marketing can really be. most people are too lazy to set up email campaigns so just keep working and you're way ahead of the pack.

not that i'm a master at all, but start mailing at least! that's what i did.

- lucas
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