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Originally Posted by xfactor View Post
I'll be posting my results here of my ppv campaign that I'm running.

I am basically building a list in an emotional market, diet and weight loss.

I am scrapping urls using affexpert.

I have created two squeeze pages (750 x 450) and split testing
between the two using a simple rotator script.

Each squeeze page redirects to same main primary offer.

I am promoting a $35 cpa offer as my primary offer after the subscriber
opts into my AR webform.

I'm keeping the squeeze pages simple.

A strong headline, one short hyped paragraph, 5 bullets,
and a short call to action. I do not have a spam statement, and I'm using
only single optins.

No images of any kind. Red headline, black bullets,
blue paragraph, and a orange submit button.

I'm using aweber for the autoresponder service.

What I'm doing here is basically converting ppv traffic to email traffic
that I can email to over and over again at no cost and test offers.

I have set up 21 emails in my AR sequence.

The first 7 days the subscriber will receive 2 offers a day.
After that, 1 offer a day for the next 7 days. 14 days total.

Each email is short and to the point with a link to a new offer.

I am not offering any content in the email sequence.

Url Targets were mostly picked from Google, Yahoo and Bing by searching relevant keywords using affexpert.

I have about 2,500 urls.

I'm very curious how this test will turn out.

After I get some data I'll update it here.

lol, I can tell your a serious mailer by your forced line breaks even in forums hehe.

looking forward to hearing the results but I agree with the guy above that you should offer quality to your list rather then rebills.. you might get lots of spam complains etc after they buy then get your list flagged and hitting the spam box every time. Just my 2c
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