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Interested in hearing this!

In my experience with mailing lists, I've found that you want to stay away from rebill CPA offers since they really piss people off when they realize they were had. Unfortunately rebill advertisers are scum of the earth a lot of times

The whole point of a mailing list is so you can become their "friend" and recommend lots of quality offers to them.

The best analogy I've heard that explains it well is "your email list is just like a TV channel". You send them content ("shows") and then you line up promotions ("commercials") every once in awhile that they'd likely be interested in. You can really kill it on promos when you do a sequence (a launch basically) where you really ratchet up the excitement before making the product available (ie before making you aff link available )

Blasting emails out while staying "helpful" is as easy as finding kickass stuff (articles/videos/whatever) that already exists on the web, and just linking them to that. They love it, and since you connected them to it they'll listen to you in the future (key for conversions on your promos). Your results will be as good as your "channel" is

Don't forget that there are plenty of quality offers out there dude!
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