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Default New PPV List Building Case Study

I'll be posting my results here of my ppv campaign that I'm running.

I am basically building a list in an emotional markets. diet and weight loss is a good one... but

EDIT: (I decided to enter the BizOpp/Work at Home niche instead)

I am scrapping urls using affexpert.

I have created two squeeze pages (750 x 450) and split testing
between the two using a simple rotator script.

Each squeeze page redirects to same main primary offer.

I am promoting a $35 cpa offer as my primary offer after the subscriber
opts into my AR webform.

I'm keeping the squeeze pages simple.

A strong headline, one short hyped paragraph, 5 bullets,
and a short call to action. I do not have a spam statement, and I'm using
only single optins.

No images of any kind. Red headline, black bullets,
blue paragraph, and a orange submit button.

I'm using aweber for the autoresponder service.

What I'm doing here is basically converting ppv traffic to email traffic
that I can email to over and over again at no cost and test offers.

I have set up 21 emails in my AR sequence.

The first 7 days the subscriber will receive 2 offers a day.
After that, 1 offer a day for the next 7 days. 14 days total.

Each email is short and to the point with a link to a new offer.

I am not offering any content in the email sequence.

Url Targets were mostly picked from Google, Yahoo and Bing by searching relevant keywords using affexpert.

I have about 2,500 urls.

I'm very curious how this test will turn out.

After I get some data I'll update it here.

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