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Default Landing Page To Build List

So I get that for long term success the money is in the list and when running campaigns you want to collect emails/names for future marketing.

If you are promoting CPA offers, say for Insurance or Debt, and on your landing page you are first asking for an email for your list before then sending them on to the offer, what's the set up?

For example on my fitness blog I collect emails by offering up a free fitness eBook - they enter the info, they go to their email to confirm and then they get the link to download the eBook.

When you're pushing offers via CPV and trying to get them to fill out a form and submit, don't they get annoyed that they've already submitted their email to you for your list, only to get hit with another page (the offer) asking for more info? Is double opt in used here or just single to push them directly from landing page to offer?

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