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Default First PPV Campaign = Success!!

Hey everyone, I'm brand new here..

Anyway, a few months ago my brother first introduced me to PPV when I turned 18 years old...As I'm new to PPV, I've been reading WF a lot and I knew I wanted to give this internet business a shot..

On Jan 15th I found my niche I wanted to get into, and I used google to get a list of the URL's I wanted.

By Jan.18th my brother let me use his designer and he built me a landing page that I requested.. not thinking I was going to be profitable my first campaign because I read over and over it takes time.. and practice.

So that night I activated everything, and by the morning I was up $167.00!! I couldn't believe it, was it actually that easy?

Well.. over the next couple days it lowered and I had to really keep an eye on it and see why some days it was going really low.. and it got worse.

BUTT!! Luckily I was able to keep the campaign profitable. For the past week with my first campaign I've been able to keep it profitable anywhere from $20 a day to $80 a day.

Just take this as a note if anything, if I can do it.. so can you.

Think outside the box, or think smart..

For example, If you were going to target a "Car Insurance email submit" If that's even out there.. And your making $10 a lead. Would you find URL's on google that involve the keyword "Insurance" or would you think outside the box and present a customer at.. "" and present them with the landing page?

Which would be more successful, Catching the customer at a buyer's site or catching a customer at a site where they've already been offered insurance?

Rinse and Repeat!!
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