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Default Amazing Concept

Hi Guys ,My Name Is Robert i have been doing I.M. For 3 years now.I been spending and spending..But just before christmas i finally made a couple bucks back..And since that day i have been moving forward more and more ..Mostly PPC for me ..

I am really an Electrician in Massachusetts.I been working 7 days a week for years ..I have 7 kids to support and this is why i work so much..They all have their own bedrooms and to heat all these rooms is very difficult..LOL..

Any ways i pretty much can do anything online ,Websites,Articles,PHP,You name it i can do it.I Outsource alot of it ,But i can get it done very fast..Make No Mistake .. This does not mean i know how to make money YET!I am very open for suggestions..My Quality of life is terrible at the moment..

Right Now the main thing on my mind is PPV, I have been hearing amazing stories in result of PPV..From what i hear is the fact that with some hard work and testing amazing things can result ...I can use all the help i can get

Thank You All

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