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The reason why the demographics maybe different is that if a family has 13-17 year olds then they also probably have women 45-55 years old. How would Alexa or Quantcast know who was using it? These tools are only guestimates unless the sites themselves allow access.

In terms of entering in demographics and a list of sites being presented, the only one I know of is Google's Adplanner. You can enter your demographics and it will display a list of sites. Problem is that you'll get some big heavy hitters in the list with those kind of demographics - facebook, myspace etc.

I really haven't cracked the demographic code in terms of CPV but from what I've read one key to it is to steer away from those mega kind of sites and focus on sites that have demographically consistent traffic but also have one principal reason people visit the site. For example, has clear demographics, it gets a fair amount of traffic and people primarily visit the site because they are interested in photos. Then you'd throw up a variety of offers at the site to see what sticks.

Of course, this approach costs lots of $$ but if you crack it then you can easily add more related domains (same demographic and interest) and ramp it up.

But that doesn't necessarily help you go the other way - matching an offer to a demographic. One thing you could do is get a selection of domains that relate to your demographic and test them with the offer one by one.
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