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Default Case Study - IQ Quiz Campaign

Hey guys,
To help me and give value to this forum lets try to make this campaign profitable.

Neverblue - Cellfish - IQ Booster - EXCLUSIVE ($10.00)
EWA - Mobile IQ Quiz - QuizYou (No Exit Pop) (USA) ($10.40)

TrafficVance, Media Traffic, AdOnNetwork

What I have done \ figured till now:
1. I have used Google AdWords Keyword Tool and fetched ~800 Keywords (for the keyword iq quiz) and entered them to a direct link (on the Neverblue offer), display creative in a TrafficVance campaign.
2. I have added ~100 targets using (being iq quiz the phrase that was entered to the scraper)
3. All bids were set up to 0.01 .
4. I have decided to stop all non performing keywords\targets after they got 400 impressions without any conversion or they went by cost over $10.
5. I found that these keywords\targets converted for me:
iq quiz
quiz iq
ig test
bible quiz
6. I raised the bid for the keywords and targets to try and get more traffic to it. Though I've got more traffic, I didn't really get more conversions, except for who got another conversion.
I guess these conversions were just randoms and d'ont imply that these keywords\targets are "winners", except
7. is just another iq quiz offer with high traffic on TrafficVance.
8. I thought maybe I'm here on something, so I used a tool I have created who fetches & parses google results based on a query that I give him (just another google scraper) - I think I gave it the phrase iq quiz - and then fetches each URL out of the results and checks if a given source code (for this project - some piece of text I found out that is in all of these mobile offers) are in the fetched URL, and gives you back those filtered results.
9. I think out of ~200 results, I found 14 more iq quiz offer sites.
10. I have added them to my creative.
11. Most of them don't get any traffic from TrafficVance.
12. As for now, only is converting for me, but I'm only breaking even with it. Lowering the bid would lower the traffic I get.
13. I decided to use EWA offer which also has voice in it. I thought it might raise the conversion rate.
14. It didn't. conversion rate stayed the same.
15. For now, I am trying the keywords\targets that converted for on Textlink creatives as I think:
1. Competition over there is lower, thus bids are lower.
2. The problem with these kind of display marketing is that it's not so solid in my opinion. To say, the user lands on an iq quiz offer (which he intended to fill or not), and then a very same offer pops to him. Kind of confusing for him and some might take the bait and some might not.
3. In Textlinks the user actually sees what is the offer before clicking on it, thus I might pay less advertising costs, and conversion rate might be higher.
16. I am trying to build the same campaign (offer + targets) on Media Traffic and AdOnNetwork as they have lower bids for example to the target, and at least AdOnNetwork should be more demographically targeted to this offer.

Also, I have stopped those ~800 keywords\targets who rarely got impressions as I concluded:
1. They are silently eating my money.
2. Even if I find a winner, most of these keywords don't even have any traffic so even if I find a winner, it would rarely convert.

Next steps to consider\that are running:
1. Textlinks.
2. Running the offer and the keywords\targets that converted on other PPV networks.
3. Maybe trying the iq quiz technique on this: running the iq quiz in a theme like are you smarter than Bill Gates?

Until now Spend: $248.18
Until now Revenue: $131.20

Any criticism / suggestions would be highly appreciative.

- Yan
Losing is not an option!

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