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Yea dude I've spent around $100 bucks there since I came back here but I was doing email submits so I barely profited. Then I went over to AdOn, spent my $20 deposit, didn't get a single conversion.

I'm going back to MT now. But it just frustrates me that AdOn is so bad. I don't wanna go out of it without having 1 conversion, it's just pathetic...

MT I'm going to be running a some non-insurance 1 page lead stuff. But it's really hard finding CPA offers that aren't related to diet and insurance and dating that pay more than $4. I tried a fan club on MT but had 0 opt-ins targeting lady gaga. So I'm a bit turned off to that method right now.

This CPV stuff is driving me nuts, I just don't see how people can act like it's easy.

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