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Default A Classic Mistake!

Ok, yesterday I got my ad approved and it started running. I was getting a few clicks, but noticed it was not showing up at the network. What could be wrong? DUH, I messed up the tracking link!

That is the first lesson in marketing 101, ALWAYS CHECK YOUR LINKS! Well, I didn't. Good thing it only cost me $.32

Ok, so I fixed the link and had to wait for it to be approved again, which it was and now it is running. After one day I am profitable!

Spend: $.64
Revenue: $1.30
Net: $.66
ROI: 103%

Now, in all honesty, these numbers don't really mean much as there is so little data at this point. But, I can now say that the offer does convert and that gives me confidence to move forward.

The next step in this process is to review where the conversion came from and to check if there were any targets to kill. Well, there can't really be any to kill just by the fact we haven't spent enough in the entire campaign to equal the offer payout.

So, when I look at my targets I notice that the one with the conversion only had 2 views. So, I paid .02 for that one conversion Again, these numbers are quite ridiculous since they are so low, but i wanted to share all. I am hesitant to share the actual winners of this campaign because I fear people will simply go and copy them, compete on the bids, and then it is profitable for no one. Thoughts?

Ok, so now today I am going in and adjusting my bids. What I am going to do at this point is bid the top spot for any target that is under .02 to try and get some traffic to it. Hopefully we will gain some more data at that point.

The next thing I do when looking at the bids is to determine if the urls are high traffic or not (by looking at the green bar). If they are low trafffic, but have a higher bid than .02, I might up my bid on those too.

I will also then look at the high traffic urls and enter in a bid that will hopefully get me some traffic, but not break the bank. For example, I am bidding on which has tons of traffic. The high bid there right now is .049. I set my bid to .031 which brings me into 13th place instead of 39th place at .01 on that target. I already feel that is too high to be profitable with an email submit, but I will test it out anyways and see what happens.
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