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You setup specific traffic settings for each campaign. Go to Manage Campaigns -> Traffic Settings -> Create Traffic Tag

Give your tag a name (you could make it the campaign name or type of offer eg education). Select the type of ad (pop under) and then the traffic source. I usually pick both but I've heard arguments that one is better than the other (can't remember which, maybe someone else can weigh in on this).

Then click on 'traffic source ids' - one of the headings along the top. You'll see them all listed as being OK. When you get data that one of them isn't converting for you, then you'd come back in and find the one you want to block and move it across to the left.

Once you've created the tag then go into your campaign settings and select the tag from the drop down list at the bottom of the page. Click save and you're good to go.

When you want to edit the traffic source then just follow the same steps. Instead of creating a traffic source just click on it to edit.

Does that make sense?
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