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I'm not writing them off, I'm just saying that my direct-linking experiment failed. I mean what else would 2500 views and 0 conversions be over 10 different email submits be? A major failure. Will it work for other people? Maybe. Does it work for me? Hell no. But anyone else can try it you may get better luck. I'm just saying what happened from my experience using the obvious method.

I talked to an AM over at neverblue and he said to try finance stuff so I'll give that a go. Do you have a few converting campaigns on AdOn? Would love some verticals to test out besides the fan clubs I'm launching. Throw me a bone

I'm also going to go thru different networks top EPC campaigns and just launch campaign after campaign. Basically throw shit at the wall and see what sticks.

As you were saying it's pop-under, what sort of methods work on these? Like would the sniper method? Or should I be targeting more root domains instead and hope they fill my offer later?

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