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Default Email Submits fail Here

Just for fun, I decided to launch 10 obvious campaigns direct-linking using email submits. I let them run all day up to abut 250 views each so about 2500 views total, had them popping on their obvious sites. So for a ross gift card, had it popping under ross website. Best buy, same thing. Home depot, etc. you get it.

0 conversions. Not a big deal though, only cost around $10 bucks to get 2500 views. AdOn is so cheap (but now I know why).

I tested each offer afterwards to see if the offer was broken. That wasn't the case, each offer gave me instant submission. So I actually made my money back by putting in a bogus email.

Lesson learned though is don't try obvious method on AdOn using email submits. I guess pop-unders just don't work here.

I just finished setting up my fan club here and I'll see how it does tomorrow. If it's the same case with 0 opt-ins, then I'm done with AdOn for good and (cringe) back to MT.

If anyone has an actual WORKING campaign on AdOn, I'd love to hear about it. Shoot me a PM!

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