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Default Hey Guys Help Me Out!

So I was attempting to run a $100 iTunes gift card offer on Media Traffic and AdOn.

Not profitable to say the least...

I was targeting itunes URLS as well as keywords. Trouble popping itunes URLs with the traffic sources.

I also targeted the top 200 artists as keywords along with some keywords that I have found to be effective on PPC.

The lander I made converts as a splash page on second tier PPC networks but not at all on CPV!

PPC convert at around 10%, CPV 3 conversions total.

Total CPV spend $140 trying to find a few winners but nothing.

Where did I go Wrong?

Lander sample:

Offer Page:

Usually I follow my budget but in this case I figured it would work considering my PPC conversion rate, so I tried a few different angles as far as URLs and keywords are concerned. CPV traffic generated a very low CTR to the offer. Is it the traffic source? Should I have used a different lander? With the low CTR I don't think that a prepop would have helped.

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