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I'm not saying they wouldn't care, I am saying it would not be against their TOS ;-) Of course, if they found out I would suspect that they would frown upon this and ask you to stop traffic. So, yes, this is a gray area that you should approach with caution. The chances though of them researching their offers on CPV pop-ups are probably minimal (exceptions to this are the huge players like eBay, Amazon, Geico, etc.).

I am not saying it is right or wrong to run this method, but want to be clear it IS a method and it does work if you find the right offer.

Originally Posted by trikee01 View Post
Thanks for the reply. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant popping the same site as the targeted site. For example, if you have a dating site, keyword targeting the "join now" section of an offer and then popping that same offer in front. So if there are no terms by the offer, you are saying the CPA network would not care?
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