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I don't think there are any 'rules' about sniping as long as you are not self-targeting. In other words, popping a competing offer is ok, but the same exact offer is frowned upon.

As for getting booted from CPA networks, that all depends on the terms of the offer. Most offers lay out restrictions for you that you need to follow.

Also, here is another way to use this method for those of you that are reading ;-)

Offering a bonus package or building a list:

Let's say you are targeting Keyword Elite's buy page, you can pop your own lander with a giant alert that says something to the effect of "Would you like to receive these free bonuses with your purchase?" and then direct them down a path to sign up for your email list (and then immediately send them your affiliate link and bonuses).

This is the basic idea, I am sure you all can fill in the details and/or think a bit more outside the box to come up with other ways to capitalize on this! :-)

Originally Posted by trikee01 View Post
I know that PPV networks do not technically allow the Sniper method (although it is not too hard to get around). However, do CPA networks frown upon this method as well? Can you get banned from CPA networks for using this method? Also, if you cloak your keywords, how will the advertiser or CPA network find out? From the "referrer" website?
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