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Default Creating the campaign in Traffic Vance

Ok, now we are ready to actually create the campaign. Step one is to name your campaign, here I named it Southwest Tickets and I set the daily spending limit to $10 to start.

  • Next, you need to create a Creative Name, this is the equivalent of an adgroup so you can keep your targets separated if needed. Since all of my targets thus far are airline sites, I chose to name mine 'airline sites'.
  • Then choose an Industry (don't think this really matters, but it is required).
  • Enter in your tracking URL with the variable appended on the end.
  • leave your creative budget at UNLIMITED unless you had a bunch of creatives and wanted to limit each.
  • set your Individual User Cap- in this one I chose 1 week because I don't want the same people seeing this over and over.
  • Agree to terms and conditions

After that click Continue and you are ready to insert your targets. Simply copy and paste your targets into this area and continue

Now that the targets are entered, you will be able to see the highest bids and the rankings for each target. Since this is an email submit, I am going to leave all bids at .01 to start. There isn't much room with an email submit to make profit so that is why.

Some targets will be insanely priced! has a high bid of .135 and there are 69 people bidding on it! There must be something to this target that converts. So I would make a mental note of this and research this further for other possible marketing opportunities

Then scroll to the bottom and click on Finish and Fund

Now your creative is waiting approval!

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