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if you're concerned with p3p issues, your best bet is to to discuss with your am..

in brief here are the roots of your concern with frames most likely...

Internet Explorer 6.0's P3P implementation is solely concerned with the issue of cookies. The implementation distinguishes between first-party cookies and third-party cookies. The term first-party cookie is used to refer to a cookie that is transmitted to your browser in the header of the base HTML page that a browser is viewing. The term third-party cookie is used to refer to cookies that are transmitted in the header of included images or frames that come from web sites other than the web site of the base page. In both cases, the browser can be configured to accept or reject cookies depending on whether or not a site has a P3P policy, and on how the policy says the site will handle personally identifiable information (PII).

here is the full dealio..

i always test offers in a live env before i run them. i this case though, i'd just ask my am if iframing is ok and that it works.
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