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Default >>3. Server power needed for tracker

I know it sounds cliche -- but the more powerful the server, the better. The thing to do is to get more power along the way, as your campaigns expand.

I started off with a host gator server reseller type of account and was paying around $25 a month. This would be a minimum. It did fine for me, but I know you can find more power than this server had, even at $25 a month.

I then had a hybrid server at This does really well and is around $100 per month. This can get you by for a while, even at 10,000-15,000 pops a day.

Now I have a dedicated server at $225 a month and it handles 40,000 daily pop ups no problem.

Eventually the database fills up with several million impressions tallied and starts to slow things down on your lower priced servers. It can take a while to get a million impressions, so you have plenty of time to make changes when that happens.

A way to solve this is to download the mysql database to your local computer and clean out those records that slow it down, or you can start a new tracker install on the same server (in a different folder) and start the counting all over again. You want to do this around the 500,000 impressions count -- but starting out, it can take a while to hit this many and by then you'll have everything figured out.

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