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Originally Posted by jockobabyface View Post
I think it was originally CPA Empire but they renamed to for some reason. Quite a good domain name, they have, for sure. I'm a member there and it's a good network.
I will have to disagree. They are known for some shady practices in the past, do a google search. I was running an offer with them, and they dis-continued it without a warning of any kind. When I called my AM, he was clueless before he checked and said, "Oh yeah, it's been dis-continued." After that, they started "adjusting" my commissions, and my AM told me that I was credited "twice" on some of the leads. Well, I found the same offer on XY7 and started running it. I used the same exact traffic sources and when comparing the numbers, I made over DOUBLE with the same exact offer!

From this experience, I will NEVER use again. But, your mileage may vary...
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