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Default Health and Beauty Offers and Aware Targeting With CPV

Health and Beauty Rebills


Promoting rebills on CPV is certainly possible if you understand your targets. Please head over the Research Methods Forum and read the threads here

Health and Beauty Offers and Aware Targeting With CPV:

Health and beauty rebills were a very popular offer to run on Facebook for a long time. There are tons general interest type keywords that can be used to successfully market these types of offers to Facebook users. Unfortunately most health and beauty re-bill offers are not allowed under the Facebook ad TOS, but we're running CPV traffic! Many women are passionate about health and beauty issues, even if they're not necessarily in the market to buy anything related. Everything that we've discussed up to this point with regard to transitioning from an unaware to an aware state apply here and health and beauty offers made a killing on Facebook and still do CPV.

Instructions: Women’s health and fitness issues are always in the news, so using the initial research we did, it's likely that we may have found news based around a new diet, a new health trend or something similar. Let's do a bit more research now.
  1. Using our Google scraper tool type in things like “woman's magazines”, “woman's health blogs”, “woman’s health radio”, “woman's fitness tips”, “woman's beauty tips” etc.. Is this cheating? No, we're not going after buy words or even mid-cycle buy words. These are sites that might be linked to from general woman's health articles for example. A surfer might find such articles on a news portal. For the purpose of this example, these surfers are assumed “aware” and nothing more.
  2. View each URL and decide how relevant they are to your offer and put yourself in the mindset of the surfer. Pick a number of relelvant urls and place them into your campaign. Some of them may be expensive, but you may find some golden nuggets in your collection as well. Plunk them into an existing campaign to check out the competition, look at what kinds of ads are on the pages of the site. Also, check out your targets in Quantcast and Alexa. Plunk each of the keywords into Facebook and note what ads you see. See if you can find any coupon/branding ads that you can use.
  3. Once you've got a small number of urls you think look good, create a landing page similar to the one below (if you haven't gotten any ideas from Facebook).

    Create one lander for each site and brand it accordingly. Once you get a nice coupon template for these, you can crank out the branding part pretty easily. Feel free to use this as an example, but I ran this a long time ago and can't remember how it converted. Make sure you brand it carefully – think about the site content, the colors, etc.. This was made a long time ago and would probably not be accepted by some networks, but there are plenty of ways to brand these without breaking any rules.

Launch your campaign, monitor your progress and make adjustments along the way. When you've spent the payout of the offer on a target, pause that target and look for others. If you get a sense that the offer isn't converting, try another offer.

What have we accomplished?

What we're trying to accomplish is to leverage the user’s awareness. It could be an awareness of the site's branding, or a loose association they make between the site and the offer. They're aware and they are early in the buy cycle, so we should be able to find some good converting targets with relatively little competition.

- lucas
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